Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Anonymous asked:
Wait I wanna eat you out! I live in ca too

what city?

Anonymous asked:
have you ever had sex? i would want to have sex with you :P

nope im a virgin. haha thats so flattering. are you being forreals?

Anonymous asked:
how much would it cost me to see your boobs?



do you ever wonder how people even find your blog

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what the fuck is wrong with these hamburgers

people keeping sending me anons says these are “macaroons”. you guys are stupid, that’s not macaroni. they’re moldy ass hamburgers

It’s not tainted meat!

It’s painted meat!



Available in six designer colors.

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Anonymous asked:
hey there, just wanted to say i like your blog and you're cute ;)

thank youuuu!

Anonymous asked:
Can I see your boobs ? (;

maybe if you paid me

tseringzzz asked:
Always thought you were a guy wow until I saw your picture. Nice blog 👌

haha wow. my name is my url though. thank you!