Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Anonymous asked:
you a busted thot..

first of all let me remind you that you dont even know me so you cant be calling me a thot.  #haterzgonnahate #loliamsofunny

Anonymous asked:
Why the fuck would you put an ad for a threesome on here like forreal? Plz go get your head checked out by Jesus. :* lovin my followers always remember that

my friend told me to put it so i did. theres nothing wrong with that. okie!

I have a friend whose willing to do a threesome. Theres one guy and one girl and they just need another girl. Like this if interested. they live in california. must be at least 18 years old. p,s, you will be paid.

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Anonymous asked:
oo thanks how long did it take you to get that many?

like 2 years. and your welcome. hope it helps you. :)


Depression is a bitch. Just when you start to think that you’re fine, you just go back to being sad again no matter what you do.

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Anonymous asked:
Are you actually cross eyed or do you just take pictures like that on purpose? I'm being serious btw

hahaha i think im cross eyed. I know i was when i was a little kid. my sister says i dont even look at the camera lol.

Anonymous asked:
do u have any tips for getting followers since you seem to be quite good at it lol

well theres this tag called follow for follow and you just follow people who say they follow back and then theres also tumblrplug. click the follow back and start following people. and there you go youll be tumblr famous in no time.

I like being by myself.